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Dry Ice Blasting in the Manufacturing Industry


Dry ice cleaning is revolutionising the manufacturing industry, transforming traditional methods of cleaning production machine components, electrical components, welding robots, conveyors, painting lines, and moulds. This advanced cleaning technology offers numerous benefits that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and ensure a cleaner, more sustainable operation.

Uses of Dry Ice Cleaning in the Manufacturing Industry include cleaning:

  1. Production Machine Components: Dry ice cleaning can remove grease, oils, and other contaminants from gears, bearings, and mechanical parts without disassembly, maintaining efficiency and preventing breakdowns.
  2. Electrical Components and Welding Robots: The non-conductive and non-abrasive nature of dry ice makes it ideal for cleaning electrical components and delicate machinery like welding robots, ensuring they operate flawlessly without damage.
  3. Conveyors, Painting Lines, and Moulds: Dry ice blasting effectively cleans conveyors and painting lines, removing paint overspray and other residues. For moulds, it removes residues without causing surface damage, maintaining precision and quality in manufacturing processes.

Dry ice blasting stands out as the most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning method, transforming the maintenance of manufacturing equipment and ensuring high productivity and sustainability.