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Machinery Industry

Discover the power of dry ice cleaning in the machinery industry, where it revolutionises the way we clean production machine components, electrical components, welding robots, conveyors, painting lines, and moulds. Experience the speed and efficiency of dry ice cleaning, a process that not only increases productivity but also cuts costs. With non-abrasive dry ice blasting, there’s no need to worry about secondary waste or operating temperature limitations.

Your company’s success and reputation are built on reliable and well-established technologies. As time goes on, production lines encounter challenging conditions – metal parts accumulate stubborn residue, and production waste and dust cling to lubricated surfaces. Neglecting
maintenance will eventually lead to machine failure or damage to its vital components. This can result in a forced shutdown of your entire operation, potentially breaching supply contracts and jeopardising millions of dollars in investments in new machinery.

Dry ice pellets effortlessly eliminates old grease and sticky residues from your production machines. With no abrasion or water needed, this simple yet effective principle freezes dirt and effortlessly blows it away with a strong stream of air. Discover the unparalleled cleaning capabilities of mechanical dry ice blasting, using cutting-edge electric and pneumatic blasting machines to restore your production and technical equipment to pristine condition.

Why is dry ice cleaning so effective?