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IC310S​ Dry Ice Blaster


Superior performance and power

Powerful Dry ice cleaner IC 310S




Stainless steel
Hopper capacity​

Hopper capacity


Operating Pressure

Operating Pressure

1 – 16 bar
IC 022

Air consumption

1,0-12,0 m³/min. (35,3-424 CFM)

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IC 310 S

IC310S Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

Standard package contents

  • Blast hose
    7 m 3/4″
  • Ergonomic Blast gun
    With safety switch
  • Plastic nozzle RN-10-08
    Round nozzle suitable for wide range of uses.



PLUS Accessories

  • Flex Case II, PLUS
    Set of extra Nozzle & Extensions
  • Led Light for gun
  • Compress air hose
    10m 3/4″
  • Ice Shovel
    2 kg Capacity


The IC310S professional dry ice blaster, is the ultimate cleaning machine that can handle any task. With its powerful performance, it is capable of removing dirt from even the most delicate surfaces like high-gloss moulds, pneumatic and electric lines, machine control panels, and car interiors. Thanks to its patented pellet grinding system, it produces ultra-fine particles that guarantee a thorough clean.

Effortlessly switch between micro particle cleaning for delicate surfaces and the standard 3 mm pellet mode for tougher stains at the touch of a button on the control panel.

The innovative pipe and hose system is designed to effectively protect the pellets from breakage caused by the airjet. The carefully shaped jet nozzles enhance the velocity of the pellets, ensuring they hit the cleaned surface with maximum impact.

The stainless steel frame and the housing of the machine guarantee a long service life. The machine requires minimum maintenance costs even in the most difficult operating conditions.If you are seeking a machine that is versatile, powerful, and has unmatched effectiveness all in one, look no further than the IC310S Dry Ice Blaster. This remarkable machine is fully prepared to take on any cleaning challenge that comes its way.

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