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IC 030 Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

IC 030


blast gun

The IC 030 unit, a versatile powerhouse with an automatic scrambler.




Stainless steel
Hopper capacity​

Hopper capacity


Operating Pressure

Operating Pressure

up to 10 bar
IC 022

Air consumption

0,3-2,5 m³/min

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IC 030

IC 030 Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

IC 030

IC 030

IC 030

IC 030

Standard package contents

  • 10 m Air Hose
    With quick connect fitting
  • Protective Equipment Kit
    Protective suit, Gloves, Goggles, Ear plugs, Respirator
  • Dry Shovel
    1 kg Capacity plastic shovel
  • Round nozzle


Introducing the revolutionary IC 030 Dry Ice Cleaning System – the cutting-edge solution that will amaze you with its unmatched cleaning power! Take full control of the consumption rate and size of the dry ice pellets shooting out of the gun with the innovative fraction control feature.

Experience the ultimate in performance versatility, from delicately cleaning sensitive surfaces at 1 bar to aggressively blasting heavily contaminated parts at an impressive 10 bars. Our patented dry ice technology is integrated into a range of ergonomic and user-friendly machines, offering seamless adjustment of working pressures and minimal compressed air consumption (0.3 m3/min – depending on nozzle).

With its innovative design, strengthened structure and outstanding stability, the IC 030 is engineered to excel even in the most demanding work environments. From delicate surfaces to the toughest undercarriages, this extraordinary machine effortlessly handles it all. By directly introducing dry ice pellets into the air stream, energy wastage is significantly minimised, resulting in unparalleled cleaning efficiency. If you’re truly committed to achieving exceptional dry ice cleaning, the IC 030 is the ultimate machine you simply cannot do without.

The IC 030 boasts a robust stainless steel construction and high-quality components, guaranteeing exceptional durability and reliable operation across diverse industries. With its advanced device design, enhanced rigidity, and remarkable stability, the IC 030 is not only mobile for easy transportation but also capable of withstanding even the most challenging working environments.

The IC 030 feeds the dry ice pellets directly into the air stream. This means that there is a lot less loss of energy from the dry ice. This equates to more efficient cleaning.

If you are serious about dry ice cleaning, this is the machine you need.

Examples of use

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